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Last week, the kids were off school for a combination government holiday/teacher conference thing.  Heather and Kristina are pretty good at entertaining themselves, although it does get a little expensive.  PATRICK, on the other hand.  I tried, like a good mother, to limit the amount of TV that he watched.  We played games, read stories, and I did make him clean up his room.  That took care of Friday, and left us with 9 more days.  By Saturday morning, Oliver was checking the classifieds to see if he could afford to move out.  Patrick had wrestled him, pulled his ears, poked, prodded and just generally aggravated the living daylights out of him.  Oliver is a rather sedentary dog, and all of this activity was about to push him over the edge.  Since Dan was out of town, I was responsible for entertaining Patrick, and presumably I wasn’t allowed to put him on eBay.  (Believe me, next time Dan goes out of town, I will clarify this.)   I heard the word “Mom” approximately 9,567 times.  In one day.  Followed closely by “why”?  And when he got bored, he tattled.  On his sisters.  TO his sisters. On the dogs.  TO the dogs.  By Wednesday I was hiding in the laundry room talking to the birds on the wall calendar.  We don’t have a yard to play in, and even if we did, it’s been raining pretty much non-stop since Christmas, so sending him outside wasn’t an option, and all three dogs had to come inside, since Charlie is a mud magnet and Chloe is a princesa, and neither of them could be outside in the rain.  Oliver is always inside anyway because he’s so neurotic.

I tried to be a good mom.  I tried not to allow the electronic babysitter to take over.  I lost.  Patrick watched pretty much every Disney movie we own.  He watched three of the Star Wars movies.  And he’s developed a fondness for “I Carly” and “Hannah Montana” that would be alarming…if I were a better mother.  Add to this the fact that I didn’t cook…ONCE…the whole time Dan was gone.  Yup.  Patrick got McDonalds twice, the Chinese place twice, and a lot of cereal.  My mother-of-the-year award is in the mail.  I’m sure of it.

This morning, I had him out of bed 15 minutes early.  Back to school.  And I need to remember to buy his teacher flowers.  She’s a saint.


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I am a writer, reader, lover of words. I maintain a passionate love affair with a good cup of coffee--milk, not creamer. I am married to Dan, my best friend and soul-mate. Mom to Daniel, Heather, Kristina and Patrick. Daughter of the King of Kings. Connoisseur of humor...the drier the better. Full time student, full time mom, full time wife, full time missionary, full time librarian...full time loopy. I love jazz music and dark chocolate, antiques and Audrey Hepburn movies.

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  1. Ten days off of school, and Dan out of town?? I’d say the fact that you and the kids (and the dogs too – that’s a bonus) are still living makes you a thoroughly successful mom, regardless of cereal and movies consumed. Here, Spring Break is just around the corner, and given that my three boys can’t get along with each other for even just a weekend, I’m trying to figure out if I have enough separate rooms to lock them in until Easter morning. I figure, if I can work some sort of Bible story into it (“And then the stone rolled away from the opening of the tomb, like THIS!”), it still counts as passable parenting.

  2. Love you! You are so real and honest a genuine person. It is so refreshing to know someone who is not afraid of admitting their mass chaos we consider life and that at times seems more than we can chew. I understand you so very much dear and am glad to have you in my life.



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