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We love what we do.  We love making a difference.  Our daycare that we run at the Zambiza dump has become a testimony to the grace of God and the love of many.  Six years ago, the future for the children of the dump was bleak.  Most had no hope of ever going to school, and they didn’t dare dream of another life.  My friend Dawn wrote a while back that “the poor don’t dream”.  They don’t.  Dreaming creates the expectation and the hope that someday things might be different, while reality paints a very dark, very harsh reality.

Today, that reality is changing.  100% of the children who have gone through our daycare are now enrolled in school.  Their teachers marvel at how well they are doing.  They can dare to dream that perhaps tomorrow might be different.  The future looks brighter…sunnier…hopeful.  This has happened because of the generosity of others.  People who pray for them, who make sure that they have food to eat and clothes to wear…people who send money so that they can receive vaccines that protect them from disease.  People like you.

Several weeks ago, Nestle contacted Extreme Response to let us know that they wanted to donate “some food”.  “Some food” translated to two tons.  4000 pounds.  It was overwhelming, for a couple of reasons.  The first reason was that this was a local company, reaching out to help their own.  This is exciting for us to watch.  The second reason is that it was 4000 pounds.  Have you ever seen 4000 pounds of food in one spot?  It’s a LOT of food!  Several people from Nestle came and put on a program for the children, which they loved.  After that, Dan and the rest of the ER team (Nick, Dan Smoker, Paul and Susan and Mayra) were faced with the delightfully challenging task of making sense of all of that food, and figuring out how to get it into the hands of the workers at the dump.  Last Thursday, after much sorting and calculating, they were able to do a “food distribution” day.  Each person went home with a box of food that would last for a couple of weeks.  For people who work to earn their “daily bread” (That phrase has become so much more real during the time that we’ve been here…) this is a huge blessing to have a little extra.

Thank you, friends, for standing with us and being a part of what is happening here in Ecuador and around the world.  Know that you are making a difference.  A huge difference.  You are bringing hope.

“That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people…”  1 Timothy 4:10



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  1. Ruth and Joe Baxter

    wHAT A PRAISE! God is good. We were thrilled to hear of God’s gift to his children. God has touched hearts whom He used to provide the food at a very precise time. It was so good to hear that it was so much more than they had anticipated. May He send more tons of food for these dear hungry children and families. We Rejoice and Thank Our Heavenly Father for His Abundant Provision. Thank You Lord.



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