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The story behind the stories…

In 1999, Dan and I were youth leaders for our local church.  In March of that year, we took a group of 35 high school seniors to Quito, Ecuador for a week-long ministry trip.  During that week, we spent two hours in the city dump.  Up to our ankles in wet, slimy trash, washing and cutting hair for the people that lived there.  It was the most unsanitary barbershop you could ever imagine!  By the time we left that day, our lives had been re-directed, although we didn’t know it yet.  We talked a bit at the end of the week about the possibility of “doing this”–we had no idea where that conversation would take us!

In 2001, after much prayer and wrestling, we traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado to candidate with HCJB World Radio.  It was basically a 10-day job interview that was exhilarating, terrifying, joyful, nerve-wracking…in short it was the most bi-polar week I think I’ve ever experienced!  We were accepted, and after two years of raising support, we left for Quito in January of 2004.  Our first assignment was with the in-house print shop.  After two years, HCJB made the decision to close the shop, as it was no longer a vital part of their work there.  After MUCH prayer and wrestling, we made the decision to join Extreme Response International, a relatively new organization run by friends of ours.

We’ve never looked back.

On December 1st, 2006, we started our journey with ER.  There were 80 short-term team members on the ground for our annual Christmas party, and our president was in jail because of a traffic accident that he had been in on Thanksgiving Day.  Dan was, for all intensive purposes, in charge.  It has been a wild ride ever since, and we’ve loved every minute of it.  We work with the most compassionate, driven, world-changing people we’ve ever encountered.  The stories that you’ll see here are just snapshots of what is happening, but they speak volumes about the people involved.


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  1. Question…I was counting up your years in Quito and I am confused…or you were confused!!!
    You said you left for Quito 2 years after the interview in Colorado (2001) which would make it 2003 when you left for Quito. “…after two years of raising support, we left for Quito in January of 2006.” Should that be 2003? Love this whole site…never investigated before and that is a “shame on me” ’cause you are so precious to me! Love all that I have read…keep up this amazing work!

    • Ahhh! I never caught that mistake! We left for Quito in January of 2004, not 2006! Thanks for pointing that out–I would have just gone merrily on my way without seeing it.

      Love you!



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